How to Stay Sane and Beat Trump Like the Shit He Is

Electability is bullshit.

It’s a nebulous term that voters use because they want to beat the sonofabitch in the White House, and that pundits use because they don’t want to come out and say that they think old white men have a better chance of winning because white men are shit.

We’re picking a candidate to take on a sitting President and that takes some balance between picking someone we believe in, whose policies we endorse, and who we think can beat the sonofabitch mentioned above.

That leads to a lot of angst and questions about whether we have anyone who can beat him at all.

Here’s a little brain cleanser for you. All the candidates with a significant chance to win the nomination can win, and most of them would be favored to win.

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Why Do They Think They Can Get Away with This?

As I write this, the administration is refusing every request and every subpoena from Congress in an effort to either derail every investigation before it starts or to force Democrats in the House to begin impeachment hearings.

In word and deed, the entire class of Republicans, from Donald Trump to Devin Nunes to Mitch McConnell, to Brett Kavanaugh, to the rank and file in both houses have, almost without exception, displayed their naked contempt for the rest of us at every opportunity.

They are more corrupt than anyone could have imagined, appear to be governing based on what will make themselves more money, and give the appearance of selling American policy to unfriendly foreign governments.

Why do they think they can get away with this?

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