Free Tuition for Rich Kids is the Right Thing to do.

While I was traveling for Thanksgiving, I listened to a podcast that featured a semi-extensive discussion of the college tuition plans proposed by the 2020 Democratic Candidates.

I came away thinking that it’s essential that we not means test this, for reasons that have nothing to do with the discussion on the podcast. This conclusion is based on just two facts.

  1. Sometimes rich people are assholes
  2. It’s not about the parents

Somewhere in America today, a wealthy parent is refusing to pay for their child’s education.

That kid deserves an education, too.

The fundamental principle behind tuition assistance is that every kid deserves an education. “Every kid” means every kid.

It’s not the son of a lawyer who wants to be a lawyer who is going to be denied tuition by his parents, it’s the daughter of the misogynist, the gay son of a homophobe, the trans daughter of a transphobe.

Means testing tuition assistance is one of those ideas that sounds great and might sell well in a class conflict, but it does nothing but open up another crack that marginalized people will fall through.

If we believe that everyone deserves an education, we should make that education free for everyone. It’s just that simple.

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